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A safe and non-judgemental space

My name is Tracy Bacon, I am a qualified and BACP registered counsellor.
In my practice Counselling Colchester I offer counselling to both individuals and couples.

In my practice I offer you a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where you can talk to me about anything, whether it is your current situation that is troubling you or something that happened in the past.

My style of counselling put simply is about enabling you to gain perspective and understanding about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, so that you can make changes, overcome difficulties and feel better.

Counselling can be of benefit to anyone

I believe that therapy and counselling can be of benefit to anyone, whatever your background or difficulties. Most people at some point in their lives will struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, especially when going through difficult life events such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or problems at work.

I aim to help you gain perspective about whatever is troubling you. Together we will identify patterns of behaviour that might be preventing you from making changes to your life. On understanding these patterns you can then begin to move towards a more fulfilling life, accepting yourself and changing behaviour to that which is more productive for you.

Types of issues

I have experience in working with a wide range of issues, including:

Grief and loss
Relationship issues

✓ Burnout and stress
✓ Depression
✓ Jealousy
✓ Low self esteem

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Relationship counselling Colchester

Couples find that after counselling, they understand themselves and their partner better. Communication is greatly improved with partners being able to say what they need to say. Most couples will see an improvement in their relationship after six sessions.

I can help with you a wide range of relationship and marriage issues, such as:

✓ Affairs and infidelity
✓ Commitment issues
✓ Communication problems

✓ Intimacy issues
✓ Separation and divorce
✓ Trust issues

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A positive change

By listening and paying close attention to what you are saying I gain insight into your world. I will help you unravel any confused thoughts and feelings, helping you develop a greater understanding of yourself, your life and your relationships. This will empower you to take control over your future so that you can make positive changes, overcome difficulties and feel better.

The first session is an assessment session in which we decide if my approach is going to be helpful for you. I know how important it is to find the right counsellor.

Are you ready to make a change? And could you use some extra support in your life?

Feel free to send me a message. You can raise any questions you have, and tell me a little about your situation.

Tracy Bacon
Registered member of BACP

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